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Demand response potential of ventilation systems in ...

b'2016-6-1\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82This paper assesses the demand response potential of ventilation fans in Nordic countries considering indoor climate conditions using a 12-storey building as test bed. First, a model of the ventilation system is proposed and evaluated for the test bed. The model presents good accuracy and generalisation potential.'

Mercedes-Benz GLC (2016) - pictures, information & …

b'2021-6-17\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82Mercedes-Benz GLC. The second generation of the mid-range SUV from Mercedes-Benz goes by the name of GLC and represents a big step forward on several fronts: On a technical level the new SUV clearly makes its mark with the excellent standard of safety that is a brand hallmark, featuring state-of-the-art assistance systems and outstanding energy .'

9 Telerobotics | Virtual Reality: Scientific and ...

b'Electric actuators, however, are weak relative to their mass; hence payloads are not great. To amplify motor torque and couple high-rev motors to low-rev joints, nearly all electrical motor drives employ some form of transmission element, primarily gears. Thus nearly all commercial electric \xe2\x80\xa6'

1 Technical Requirements - PG&E, Pacific Gas and Electric

b'2017-3-24\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82The high-efficiency cartridge filters shall be designed for 99.9% efficiency for removing particles 5 micrometers (microns) and larger and 99% efficient in removing particles 2 microns and larger. ... Valves shall be arranged for convenient operation from an appropriate floor level or platform and shall be provided with extension spindles or ...'

2020 Edison Awards® Winners

b'Winners. We are proud to announce the winners for the 2020 Edison Awards\xe2\x84\xa2. The Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners are chosen as the "best of the best" within their respective categories by some of the world\'s top senior business executives, designers, academics and innovation leaders. Being recognized with an Edison Award\xe2\x84\xa2 is one of the ...'

Physiological time-series analysis using approximate ...

b'2018-3-21\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82nonlinear dynamical analysis is a powerful approach to understanding biological systems. The calculations, however, usually require very long data sets that can be difficult or impossible to obtain. Pincus (21, 22) devised the theory and method for a measure of regularity closely related to the Kolmogorov entropy, the rate of generation of new information, that can be applied to the typically ...'

Three‐dimensional optical laser lithography beyond …

b'2012-3-19\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82Typical photoinitiator molecules have electric-dipole-allowed optical transitions and are hence driven by the electric-field component of the light alone. Thus, is the relevant distribution for one-photon absorption and that for two-photon absorption. (Strictly speaking, this aspect should also be applied to the above considerations regarding ...'

Fiber Optic Terms and Definitions - Lightel

b'A type of fiber optic cable containing several fibers, each with its own jacket and all of them surrounded by one common jacket. Breakout cables are designed for convenient installation of fiber optic connectors but tend to have high transmission losses due to bends in the fibers. Broadband.'