Widely Used Overhead Bridge Crane With Clamshell Grab Double Beam Bucket Lifting

QZ Double Girder Grab Overhead Crane

b'Lifting Height: 6m~30m. QZ Double Girder Grab Overhead Crane are widely used in power factory, yard, workshop, pier, etc to load and transport the bulk materia. This cranes is heavy work, the working-level is A6. Rated lifting weight is 5~20T and the grab opening direction have parallel and perpendicular to the main beam these two kind.'

Double Girder Overhead Crane with Grab | Overhead Crane ...

b'Double girder overhead crane with grab is widely used in power stations, warehouses, workshops and ports to grab or lift bulk materials. The lifting capacity includes the weight of grab and the grab opening direction is parallel or vertical to the main girders. Mechanisms of Double Girder Overhead Crane With Grab\xe2\x80\xa6'

Warehouse Overhead Crane Double Grider-nucleon crane group

b'Warehouse Overhead Crane Double Grider . Nucleon Warehouse Overhead Crane Double Grider. Warehouse Overhead Crane Double Grider. 1. Warehouse Overhead Crane Double Grider sometimes also called bridge cranes, eot cranes or QD type bridge crane, which are cranes winch traveling along the'

Overhead Crane - Different Types of Overhead Cranes for Sale

b'As one of the most widely used lifting equipment, overhead crane is applicable to transfer, load and unload materials in warehouse, workshop, factory, goods yard and power station. Due to its shape like a bridge, it is also called bridge crane. Aicrane overhead cranes have many types for you choice, such as'

Special Uses Of The Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

b'The grab bucket overhead crane is a heavy duty overhead crane that is equipped with a grab bucket. It is frequently used to lift heavy materials in the construction industry. The capacity lifted by these cranes would vary according to the capacity of the grab bucket which can range between five to twenty-five tons.'

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b'Features of grab bucket overhead crane Different Grab Bucket. The overhead grab crane is able to make into single girder type or double girders overhead crane model. Single girder grab crane, also named as AQ-LDZ electric grab overhead crane. its rated loads is from 2 ton to 10 ton, which is designed for , .'

Railway Gantry Crane-nucleon crane group

b'Railway Gantry Crane . Single Girder Railway Gantry Crane is a regular crane widely used at open ground and warehouses to load or grab materials. There are two kinds of operation: ground or air operation. The crane power supply can be through cable car and cable drum reel, and customers can choose one of \xe2\x80\xa6'

Grab Overhead Crane - Reliable Quality/ Factory Price ...

b'Grab overhead crane is mainly used for loading and unloading bulk cargo. This kind of crane has various types, such as single girder overhead crane with grab, low price grab bridge crane, cheap grab double beam overhead crane, customized grab overhead crane. AIMIX, one of reliable grab overhead crane suppliers in China, supplies cheap grab bridge crane with top quality.'