JM 1 ton ~ 65 ton wire rope pulling electric winch

NABRICO - DF-1 Electric Winch

b'Over 100 fewer parts than other electric winches (no chain or sprockets). Heaviest winch in its class. 30 Ton - 5 HP motor standard. 40 Ton - 7.5 HP motor standard. 50 Ton - 10 HP motor standard. 65 Ton - 10 HP motor standard. Other line pulls and speeds available.'

NYBON JM in Henan, China

b'Certification: CE, Customized support: OEM, Place of origin: Henan, China, Power source: Electric, Application: CRANES, Normal Working...'

PM&I: Winches and Hoitsts: How To Size A Winch or Hoist

b'If not, then we can recommend a wire size given common safety factors. Typical safety factors are about 2 to 1 for a winch and about 5 to 1 for a hoist. As an example, if a wire has a 92 ton breaking load and you want to use a 5:1 safety factor, then the hoist you use should have no greater line pull than 18.4 tons.'

Connecticut Winch Manufacturers Suppliers | IQS

b'American Crane & Hoist (ACH) is a leading manufacturer of electric wire rope hoists. We can provide you with lug suspended hoists, trolley suspended hoists, standard headroom as motor driven or handpush plus a low headroom model, two-speed models or a single-speed S-Series hoist. In business since 1912. Winch in Massachusetts.'

Capstan Winch | Hoist Lift Winches -

b'Winches are operated using steel wire rope cable and capstans are operated using special cord rope. Options for powering winches are manual cranking, electric power, gas powered or battery powered. The winches and capstan hoists come with an automatic brake for holding the loads. If you would like to find a specialty winch or create a custom ...'

Mining Winch: Electric Power Winch|Hydraulic Type Winch

b'Mining winch usually place in coal mine and different metal mines (copper mine, silver mine, iron mine, zinc mine). Mining winch set in and out mine to carry and drag minerals. According to the power system of mine winch, we have electric power winch and hydraulic type winch.'


b'WH2110. Timberland 5 Drum Mechanical Winch, Model 400-7-252-TR, D311 CAT power with a funk reversing drive, electric frictions, centre drum has a dog. Port Dover, Ontario. $30,000 CDN or best offer. WH2089. Timberland HR100-1-300 Winch. S/r 1973 - 12292. Drum size: \xe2\x80\xa6'

Winches, Come Alongs & Straps - Trout Underground

b'CM GT-2000-65 2 Ton. 7/16 In Wire Rope, 65 Ft, Lever Hoist This is a CM grip and pull lever tool. The tool has a lightweight design that can grip and pull loads long distances. It features a telescoping handle. 65 feet of wire rope, and a 2 ton capacity. The original packaging for this item has some damage.'