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b'RC 306 - RC 312 product; used in cranes, single bridge, single car, double hook cranes. RC 406 - RC 412 product; as crane, single bridge, double trolley cranes are used. Security Priority; It responds to signals from its own transmitter, with more than about 17 kentrillion ID codes and 128 bit-based code structure.'

The Difference Between Hoists and Cranes

b'Oct 28, 2019 \xc2\xb7 A hoist is a machine that performs a single task very well: lifting and lowering a load on a vertical plane (Figure 1, Motion 3). Hoists are situated on the primary horizontal beam of the crane, called the bridge girder. The hoist, when connected to the trolley (Figure 1, Motion 2), moves back and forth across the bridge girder.'

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b'LPG/LRG Series Aluminum Gantry Crane The unique portable gantry system can be safely upgraded to 5000kg and requires only 4 bolts for manual assembly. The innovative, lightweight, portable, safe and powerful load capacity is the first choice for customers seeking safety, meeting multi-site lifting solutions and healthy investments return.'

10T Overhead And Gantry Crane Low Headroom Hoist

b'10T Electric Wire Rope Hoist on Double Girder Overhead and Gantry Crane. Advantages: 1. Low headroom design, compact, strong, long service life span, save your space. 2. Three-in-one lifting motor: AMB Germany original imported. Column rotor, low noise. 3. Limit Switch: Cam limit model operate safety. 4. With load limiter protection. 5.'

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b'Fixed Height Gantry Crane. The Fixed Height Gantry Cranes are moveable under load and provide an economical way to lift materials anywhere in your facility. The casters enable you to easily move the gantry around your work area. This is a more cost-effective lifting solution for areas of infrequent lifts than a more expensive permanent structure.'

Insulation Electric Hoist - Overhead crane

b'Insulation electric hoist is a special wire rope electric hoist used in the smelting workshop of electrolytic aluminum, magnesium, lead, zinc, copper and other non-ferrous metals. Insulation system is installed in trolley transmission and lifting mechanism to make sure the resistance value of each insulation point is not less than 1.0M\xce\xa9 at ...'

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b'1. Box type. The box type single girder gantry crane is usually equipped with standard CD MD electric hoist as the lifting mechanism, and the electric hoist traversing along the lower flange of the I- steel of the main girder, which is made of high quality steel plates, such as, C-steel and I-steel. 2. Truss type.'

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b'Compared with the heavy-duty gantries, portable gantries are available to move and disassemble from one work site to another easily. 1.Light dead weight, compact structure, small size and small wheel load. 2.With adjustable structure, easy to transport and lifting and high operation safety. 3.Flexible, high-efficiency, .'