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b'For Sale Kone Cranes - 5 Ton And Double Girder - 10 Ton- Kone Cranes - 5 Ton- Double Girder - 10 TonKeywords : Kone Cranes, 5 Ton, Double Girder, 10 TonFor More Details Please Co...'

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b'Weight Top Gage Class I Main Line use - Very minor engine burns and corrugation. Class II Branch Lines - Small engine burns and corrugation. Class III 140 5/8 7/8 132-131 7/16 7/8 122 1/2 7/8 115 3/8 3/4 112 3/8 3/4 100 1/4 1/4 90 5/16 5/16 Light Branch Lines - Medium engine burns and corrugation, may be pitted and show some oxidation. Class IV ...'

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b'Jan 16, 2017 \xc2\xb7 A 5 ton overhead crane are the most widely used cranes in most of the industries due to their tremendous advantages over their counterparts. The crane is used to handle heavy loads without compromising on utilizing excess power or energy. The Span Length of these cranes are reasonable and the prices are rightly placed for any small-scale industry. Due to their vast utility and reliability ...'

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b'1 ton robbin myers r&m 24 bottom run single girder overhead bridge crane Make: Robbins& Myers, Model/ Part# Not Listed, Capacity: 1 Ton, Span: 24/ 24 Feet, Description: 1 Ton Capacity Bottom Running. Single Girder Bridge Crane, Includes all/only items pictured.'

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b'HAND POWER OVERHEAD CRANES. DOUBLE GIRDER TOP-RUNNING BRIDGE with low headroom I top-running trolley. May also be electri-fied. Capacities to 40 tons. SINGLE GIRDER TOP-RUNNING BRIDGE with under-hung trol-ley hoist o\xc3\xad the chain or cable type. Capaci-ties to 10 tons. WHITING CRANE \xe2\x80\xa6'

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